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   Materials of Construction

» PUMP BODY: Cast & Ductile iron, Stainless Steel.

» PUMP BODY COVER: Cast iron, wich close the rear pump body and houses the mechanical seal

» IMPELLER: Bronze, Cast iron & Stainless Steel.

» MOTOR SHAFT: AISI420 standard, optional AISI304 & AISI316.

» SEAL: Mechanical seal (ceramic and graphite), gland packing.

» MOTOR: the pumps are couple to an asynchronous, high efficiency Dragon induction motor of suitable size, which is quite, close and externally ventilated, suitable for continuous duty. 

» INSULATION class B (class F). Motor require an adequate external motor protector, and connections are to be according to current standards.


   Performance Data

» Flow Range Max.1100m3/h

» Head Range Max.150m

» Liquid temp: -10°C -+ 150°C

» Suction Dia: 50~200

» Pump Speed: 1450/2900r.p.m

» Operate Pressure Max. 16 bar


   Electric motor

» Full-enclosed air-blast two-pole standard motor

» Protection class: IP 55

» Insulation class: F

» Standard voltage, 50Hz:1x220-230/240V